Author Topic: Yay! I found most of my archive CDs  (Read 1308 times)

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Yay! I found most of my archive CDs
« on: August 04, 2008, 05:23:58 PM »
Listening to them made me cry in shame, but I have found most of my archive CD's from about 2001-2004ish. I'm still missing some "unreleased" work, but as far as I know, that's only 6-7 songs. It sucks, though, because those were when I was finally learning how to write a song that doesn't suck, and they would have made up the backbone of a final CD. meh

The complete archive (including details of what I have and am missing:
1. Matt is a Goat Sex - Better than Infinity Theory - contains roughly 9 tracks. I am missing the cover art and track list, but I have all the tracks in Master CD # 1 (see archive entry # 3)
2. Matt is a Goat Sex - Death to Breakfast (also labeled as Death to Breakbeat). Includes 2 or 3 tracks that didn't suck too bad from B.T.I.T + 12 or 13 other new songs. I'm missing a couple of the songs (and the tracklist), but I have most of the songs on Master CD # 1.
3. Matt is a Goat Sex - Master CD # 1. This is a backup that I made for the purposes of distribution. I would send the CD + complete tracklist to distro people, and they would choose the tracks for split cds and collab projects. Once again, I don't have the tracklist, but I have the Master CD.
4. Matt is a Goat Sex - Master CD # 2. Contains some of the same tracks, but also has some new music that was supposed to go onto a 3rd full-length (never released). Master CD 1+2 should be about 30 songs, but I really don't remember right now.
5. Matt is a Hobo Sex - Nobody Likes You. Honestly, my favorite bad CD evar. Mixed almost completely with Sonic Foundry, this uses computer-generated drumbeats, me on electric guitar, and lots of incoherent screaming. Kind of an electro-punk-metal thing, it sounds like an audio abortion.
6. Matt is a Hobo Sex - X-Cult Split (master). My extra contributions to some X-Cult Records splits that never made it onto a full-length.
7. Matt GSX - Stellar. 12 or 13 tracks. All electronic, mostly instrumentals. Some songs with vocals. This is the last CD I ever put out and actually sold. I think I have the cover art and track list, but I haven't found it yet.
8. Matt GSX/the gsx project/m is for moped - This includes all the stuff on my m is for moped myspace, and some of the tracks I did for a never-released cd, Love Machine 3000. I may have some more to add to this last archive entry, but I have to get my g/f's laptop back (it was mine till I got a better one) and see if the tracks are still on there (I think i wiped the hdd, but I can't remember). If I ever actually finish any of the non-schoolwork music projects I've been working on, I'll add them to the archive, but that's not looking likely, as I have a boatload of music to finish for composition projects, 2 more weddings to arrange music for, a recital to prepare for, plus my own wedding to plan and save for.

For both of you interested in the Matt Goat Sex archive project, I'll put everything online tomorrow or Wed when I'm at work, since I don't have teh int3rw3bs @ home anymore (my neighbors moved their router. pricks)

Thanks again to mr_doc for lending server space. I promised myself I'd get around to it, and get around to it I shall!