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Intro to Trixbox
« on: January 28, 2009, 09:48:24 PM »
##Setting Up Trixbox##

##Get Trixbox##

1. Go to

2. Download Trixbox CE, dont get pro its bullshit!


1. If your using vmware then click new wm box, locate the iso, and select linux kernel 2.6.x

1.5. If your installing it to an actual computer then burn the iso, insert disk and hit enter IT WILL FORMAT YOUR BOX!

2. Once the disk boots, press enter

3. The language menu will pop up, press tab, enter

4. Clock menu will come up again, repeat.

5. Password menu comes up, type in your pass 2x and hit ok.

6. It will install, sit back, doesnt take too long on a decent box.

7. It will reboot and load. Hopefully everything loads ok.

8. Log in as root, and your password if you want to do any manual editing of filez although they can be done in the web config as well.

9. Open up your browser on another box and type in the ip address of the trixbox. You'll see it on the screen of the trixbox saying something like "et0"

10. Click switch on the top right like this

11. A login window will pop up, the username is maint and the password is password

12. It will ask you to register, just close that shit you dont need to.

##Setting Up##

1. Now we set everything up to work, im using as my sip trunk provider, so i will show you how to do it with them. Other hosts should be similar.

2. Register with them if you dont have an account already their cheap as fuck.

3. Get a DID if you want inbound calls

4. Now to get trixbox to work with them click interconnection, system configurator, and then select trixbox like the image shown below.

5. Follow the instructions listed there. Please post questions if you get confused although its step by step pictures.

6. Once you do that hit save, then on the top in orange is an apply changes button, click that, click ok, it will reload. Your good to go.

##Making Calls##

1. Go to Extensions

2. Select generic sip device

3. Enter in stuff like me!

4. To receive calls, click on inbound routes, select your extension at the bottom, click submit.

5. Get a sip softphone, i used X-Lite, from here

6. Configure it like this

7. Call people and have fun!

## More tutorials and epicly fun shit to come##

##If you think this is worthless your an idiot! There is so much more you can do that i will show you in the near future##

##Ex. of fun shit is having custom voice prompts like an epic business, blocking your ex from calling you and rediring the call to the rejection hotline, revealing blocked cid's so pranksters can be anonymous and plenty more.##

Written by Tully of

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Re: Intro to Trixbox
« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2009, 08:13:38 AM »
more asterisk!

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Re: Intro to Trixbox
« Reply #2 on: February 15, 2009, 12:16:10 AM »
I installed trixbox tonight.  I'm having fun playing around with it so far.  Haven't set up an account with Flowroute yet, but probably will tomorrow.