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Phone numbers that cost lots of monney

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Suppose you want to get even with a mark or a business. What kind of numbers can you dial from the targeted phone to rack up a large phone bill for your enemy.

The only ones I can think of is the 1-900 numbers such as the time and temperature or the lottery result hotline.

Anyone have other numbers?


i guess the most expensive would be inmarsat numbers, i don't have any of those though.

It's not as easy as it used to be since phone calls are so cheap now.  900 numbers are hard to find these days and even those are cheaper now.  If you're going to call something and leave it off the hook for hours, you might have the best luck with something international.  UK mobile numbers can get pricey.  There must be more expensive countries though.  Ahhh, here we go:

CAMBODIA    $2.28
CHAD REP    $2.42
GLOBE SAT    $3.95
MARISAT SN    $8.25    
MARISATAE    $8.25
MARISATAW    $8.25
MARISATIN    $8.25
MARISATPC    $9.75
WALLISFUT    $3.25 tells you about Marisat.  How do we get a Marisat phone number?

Find some party lines in some of the more expensive countries, call them and leave them off the hook.

I heard some of the scientific bases in Antartica put their numbers online.I imagine it is quite expensive.

The PLA should get one of those 900 numbers where you get like $20 a min, Then everyone could forward their neighbors phone to it, The PLA get $$$$$ and..... does something with it......I don't know


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