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So, some person sent me a text message, obviously to the wrong number, so I decided to reply back "wrong number", and he replied back with a rude message.  Any suggestions as to what I should reply back with?

Q_: Dicklick1

That's a most ingenious option, but one that doesn't make any sense.  I'd rather troll the person, than confuse them. Thanks anyway....

"I did the labs. Want to go drinking later?"

"Changing my number soon." Give the number for the voice bridge

Assuming the asshole is some guy. We can tell Natalie is a girl,

"I'm pregnant you told me you would pull out. call me."

That's all I can think of right now

This reminds me when I got a wrong number text. Here's gist of it

Them: Hey y'all get my message about tomorrow? Pool, deck, BBQ and hanging on the deck. let me know if you can make it.

ME: I have to shave my ballsack first. I'll be over after I'm done.

Them: My own mediocre attempt at humor has been highly amusing to myself. As long as your stray pubes don't choke my filter.

Me: Don't worry everything will be clean shaven

Them: Nah...not clean shaven. Make little swastikas for fun.

Me: I'll shave it in the shape of a cactus.

Them: Why not leave it and grow a tumbleweed...haha

Me: No I rather a cactus

Them: Why don't you cut the word OBAMA..My own mediocre attempt at humor has been highly amusing to myself.

Me: My ballsack is a Republican

Them: Chops! You have a sack? I think you sold Matt a false bill of goods.

Me: He should have inspected. Buyer beware.

Them: I'm sure the taste would've eventually given it away...unless that's not in y'all playbook.

Me: Apparently he like's the pole and the hole.

Them: The hole and the pole huh! That's got our Nigger/Burglar/Rapist fantasy beat..My own mediocre attempt at humor has been highly amusing to myself.! The shoe polish makes my face itch!

Me: Your fantasy? elaborate more!

The next day,

Me: Haha the jig is up. The person you are texting isn't here. You got the wrong person. I've been pranking you. Mega-lulz. Hahahaha

Them: Pranks on me? It took you this long to bail! You couldn't keep the convo going! I knew this was fake from the 3rd text Haha...shaving!

Me: I love wrong wrong number text. When I get those I take the opportunity to prank.

Them: Haha...well good for you! I knew there was a weird feeling with those replies. I though maybe someone grabbed the phone.

Have Fun!

yea, i usually like to just go along with who ever they think that they are calling/texting... eventually they will catch on on their own... for some reason people do not want to acknowledge when you tell them wrong number...

i have had people call me 2 or 3 times in a row...
i tell them wrong number, they call back and i'm like... umm you just called the same wrong number, keep trying...


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