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Miley Cyrus's home surrounded by police after prank home invasion call - LAPD received a phone call that made them believe they needed to rush to her house. They got a 911 call that said shots were fired and that there was a home invasion at her house. They showed up with their guns drawn of course, but found nothing going on at all.

How much you wanna bet that the same people who were doing all the Xbox SWAT calls also did this one.  I think this is going to be their new thing.  SWATTING celebrities will make the news and it's super easy for anyone to get giant lists of celebrities home addresses.  I predict lots more of these.

the xbox stuff is pretty crazy too. i guess this is the first high profile swatting thats happened, huh? with swatting there is a lot of things that have to happen i think, i dont want to speak about it publicly to keep from putting any info out there about it. certainly going way too far with things.

Ashton Kutcher's home targeted for 'swatting' prank

Ashton Kutcher is the latest famous name to be associated with a "swatting" a malicious prank in which a seemingly serious distress call to police turns out to be a false alarm with a spoofed phone number, aimed at luring a SWAT team to swarm a particular location.

Police hurried to Kutcher's Lake Hollywood home late Wednesday morning after a woman called police more on that "call" later and claimed to be hiding in a closet because there was an armed man inside the home, L.A. Now reported. The actor was not home at the time.

There's video of the SWAT team ordering a guy on the ground on this one.  I knew this would be their new thing.  Oddly enough, no Xbox SWATting has happened since the Miley Cyrus thing.  Wonder which celeb is next.

Hey look, Justin Bieber got swatted! A 911 call came in last night ... the caller claiming someone was waving a gun right next to Justin's L.A. home.  Police sent the cavalry ... cars, helicopters, the works.  Sources tell us ... Justin's security let the cops in, and they did a sweep of the house but found nothing.  We're also told cops did a similar sweep of 2 other homes on the block.

its an epidemic!


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