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Legal Info - "Don't Talk to Cops" (The Most Important Video You Will Ever Watch)


Fellow Phone Losers,
Take a few minutes and watch this video. It may save your life someday. It is the best legal explanation of why you should never speak to investigators under any circumstances ESPECIALLY IF YOU'RE INNOCENT.

It seems counterintuitive to law-abiding citizens like us, but you should never agree to be interviewed by police and you should never answer any questions, even seemingly innocuous ones. If you are approached by police for an "interview" you should politely refuse, saying that you do not speak to police without a lawyer. If they insist that you go to the station or stick around for questioning, ask them if you are under arrest. If you are not under arrest, then ask if you are "free to leave." If they say yes, then leave. If they say no, then ask for an attorney immediately and say nothing else until you speak with your attorney. If they ask you if you mind if they search you, your car, or anything else, ALWAYS SAY "I DO NOT CONSENT TO ANY SEARCHES." The reasons for this are complicated and based on numerous Supreme Court cases that have interpreted your rights in unusual ways. You have to handle things like this in order to ensure that you do not inadvertently waive your rights.

Watch this video:
Professor James Duane, Don't Talk to Cops Part 1, YouTube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8z7NC5sgik.

Legal Disclaimer: The legal information above is for educational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. If you are engaged in activities that may raise potential legal concerns, you should contact a lawyer in your jurisdiction for legal advice.


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