Author Topic: How would you prank people who drive to your house thinking it was a ski park  (Read 818 times)

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For the past year and a half, a grandmother in rural Pennsylvania has been turning away drivers following directions suggested by Apple Maps to a local ski area.

According to the iPhone app, the best route to Roundtop Mountain is via Beaver Creek Road. One slight problem: It's a dead end. Judy Saltsburg, who lives at the end of the road, told WGAL-TV she comes out several times a day and explains to confused travelers that her driveway does not lead to the resort.

"I've had three in less than 24 hours," Saltsburg said. "Their big argument is that 'My app says this is the way to Roundtop.'"

The road is clearly marked as a dead end, and Saltsburg has put up several signs at her front gate ("Due to price increase on ammunition, do not expect warning shot" one reads), but that doesn't seem to deter the trickle of unwanted traffic.

Rest of the story here.

I can't think of anything creative right now. I'd probably give them directions that would lead them to a porn shop or give then a whole bunch of fake direction that leaves them in the next county over.

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