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The Bomb Prank Call Highlights
« on: March 24, 2020, 07:03:46 AM »
The Bomb is the stage name of a rapper PLA used to prank back in the day. He always seemed kind of 'out of it' whenever he talked. Maybe he was just tired, a retarded boy, or just drugged up.
Usually he would answer while at his parents house and could often be heard telling his mom or dad 'I'm on the phone!'.

I wonder where The Bomb is today? Hell if I know! If anyone knows how he's doing, just reply to this.
Here are some of the highlights of prank calling 'the Bomb'

The Bomb Wants Some Coke:
Famous rapper "The Bomb" needs to buy some coke from Mr. Spessa and he's willing to trade his golden calculator for it. At the end of the call you can hear RBCP's redition of the 'I've Got a Golden Ticket' song from the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie called 'I've Got a Golden Calculator

Staci and The Bomb Make a Date
Staci calls The Bomb to confess her undying love, attraction, and worship for the Bomb's music and entire bombyness. She wants to do some drugs to better bond with the Bomb. Unfortunately, he can't leave his house at a moment's notice to just go meet some random fangirl of his to do lines of coke.
All the art in this video is drawn by RBCP. He captures The Bomb's greatness within the artistic confines of MS Paint

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