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Now that PB's site is shut down, I think it'd be cool if people thought about this-

Is it really legal to run a site devoted to harrassing people? What are the possible legal ramifications? How can you be prosecuted for this? How can you AVOID prosecution?

It'd be sweet if some of the the PLA/PB crossovers thought about this one, especially since you have more time to kill now.

If we could figure out how to avoid getting prosecuted, we may have a better chance of seeing things like the Director0y again...

i think phonebomb is a great idea. but i dont like the idea of prosecution. so if there is a loophole somewhere, we should def take advantage of it.

just make the site in a country with no Internet laws, Argentina released laws about internet only a couple of years ago (was paradise) so if you really want to fuck people's life, why you don't just make the site from El Salvador or something like that I'm sure that you can buy half of the island if you have enough money  ;D

That seems to be the general consensous. Somewhere in Asia would be more ideal, though, since then PB could piggyback on with some warez site already out there, not have to get his own hosting, be protected from American laws (since it would be on someone else's site in Korea), and maybe even get a larger fan-base.

I dunno.


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