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« on: July 15, 2006, 06:48:12 AM »
Free calls to the UK with Skype this weekend, however half the numbers are blocked.  Here's a way to open it up, plus call Australia, South Africa, Turkey and many other countries for free.  As a side advantage, it works as a great divert for calls to the states.

+44 871 889 1899

When the prompt comes up, dial the UK number with 0 before the area code like 0844 999 5598 (a number you couldn't call with free skype)

If you're calling to a number outside the UK like for a US divert, dial 00 before the country code, like so:
001 413 370 0333 (PLA Bridge)
0061 2 6789 8765 (made up number in Australia)

In case your wondering, this 871 number is billing Skype about 15 cents per minute for calls you make through it!  Thanks Skype and thanks for a free phone call weekend to half the world!