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Camel Hut, Uhaul etc
« on: June 25, 2016, 09:44:43 PM »
Greetings. Years ago me and my brother enjoyed the guy who did some genius calls. Camel Hut, U-Haul, Corn Dogs etc. The problem is I cant find them ANYWHERE. Surely they're not lost to time and someone has the mp3's somewhere.

The below is from I remember many of the ones listed there as well.  Thanks for any help!!

Mark Knofler - Go With The Flow: You might recognize the name Mark Knoffler as the Dire Straits guitarist/singer. That's the name that this prank caller has taken on in this hilarious CD. This calls are made by a guy apparently in Pennsylvania in the early 90's. He seems to call up people completely at random and the calls are brilliant. I received this tape in 1996 and I converted it into a CD. There are 33 tracks on it, including Wood, U-Haul, Run you out of business, Burger King Popcorn, Septic Tank, Get Goofy, Camel Hut, Three Questions, Race Fever, We're closed on Monday, Intercourse?, Handjob, Natural Shoes, Drywall message, Flaming Chiropractic, Ready to go, Nasty pictures, Toilet Paper, XL Bulls, Rooti Tooti, Physical, Catherine, Wrong Days Inn, We Are Toys, Upper Class Nobility, Corn dogs, Nintendo, Montezuma's Revenge, They called me, Pastabilities, Fridge Running?, Amanda, Carve my initials. For more information on Mark Knofler, click here for our tribute page.