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Making boring podcasts interesting
« on: April 08, 2006, 09:56:24 PM »
So this morning I was listening to a random podcast I picked up the other day.  And it was really boring.  This Canadian guy made a podcast about changing his baby's diapers, describing it as he did it.  Another about cooking macaroni as he did it.  And he loved to bitch about all his neighbors who were all trailer trash, according to him.  I was just getting ready to delete his podcast from my iTunes when a story of his caught my ear.

He told another story of another stupid neighbor of his who came to their door, saying she was pretty sure a check of hers was mailed to him by mistake.  Him and his wife had to convince the neighbor that they didn't have her mail and she finally left.  He casually mentioned in the podcast his address and her address, noting that they were 2 digits apart.  So instead of deleting the podcast, I decided to make it more exciting.

I look around on his site and found what I suspected to be his home phone number.  More digging and I found that it was.  His address was unlisted, though.  So some calls to the phone company got his home address.  Then another call got a couple of his neighbors' unlisted phone numbers, including the one who'd come to his house accusing him of having her check.

I called her up and said that I was James (the podcaster) and that we'd gotten the check in the mail.  Then I told her my wife had cashed the check and bought shoes with it.  After while I told her I was just kidding and to come on over and get it.  You'd think she would have gotten pissed, but I found today that Canadians are very difficult to anger.  I called another neighbor and told them I was James and we'd been getting their mail and to come and get it.  Then I did that to another 20 neighbors, all within a 1 block radius of his house. (Thanks, Google Maps!)

In each call I tried to come up with something bizarre.  Like one lady I told her that I'd run out of baby wipes and I had to use some of her mail to wipe my kid's butt during a diaper change.  Another guy I started ripping up "the mail" on the phone, then eating it.  Another I told him I was going to throw all the mail out into the yard and he'd have to pick it up.  Here's the calls:

My hope is that his next podcast will be much more exciting because he'll have all this crazy neighbor stuff to talk about.  As you can hear on the last call, James called the cops about it.  His wife said 9 people showed up.  There should have been a show already tonight, judging from his normal times of releasing shows but so far nothing.  I'm wondering if his controlling wife is all like, "If this is what happens when you do a podcast, then you're not allowed to do one anymore!"  I'm really anxious for the next episode.

I was kind of thinking maybe I could turn this into a podcast of my own.  Play clips of his boring podcast and show how I was able to turn it into an exciting thing.  But I guess that's probably a bad idea since the police are involved.  Maybe I'll make it a private podcast and just give it to people I know.

You can find his website by going to Google and searching for "James Whittingham podcast."  I don't want to link it here because I don't want James noticing a bunch of hits directly from my forums.  Although I guess that's unlikely since only 5 people have access to this thread.  But still.  I'll keep this thread updated if anything happens.
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