Author Topic: To the true masters of the NewWorldOrder,,,,,  (Read 3714 times)

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To the true masters of the NewWorldOrder,,,,,
« on: April 28, 2010, 08:59:35 AM »
(please excuse the "anonymous" wemail. I don't intend to, nor do I think I could deceive you. This is just my dedicated email.)


Hello Sir/Madam,

My name is Sean.(32yr old,fromNY)

Allow me to begin by saying that I come to you with great humility and admiration for your entire syndicate, and I offer my apologies for my past "leeching" on various file sharing sites. I was simply ignorant. After vigorous research, I now see the big picture. The Internet was an accident and every greedy corporate head in the world wants to saddle this wild beast. They want to incarcerate "evil hackers", but they also NEED you! It's a typical scene.................but, make no mistake, it is all of YOU who are in control of this new world. I can only hope to obtain a guest pass.

OK, I could go on, but I have an issue and I need help badly. The scenerio is simple. I was robbed for $800 by a 19 year old kid.(actually, worse, my wife was robbed). I can give a detailed account if necessary, but for know please believe me when I say: I know it was him. I watched him. I chased him...etc.

Now, I'm not sure if the dude is dumb, on drugs, or has balls of steel, but I know where his father lives because he's my best friends neighbor. That is how I met him and it's also how he was able to assuage my wife enough to drop her guard.

Naturally, I made a beeline to his dad's house and explained( bloody from the hand and elbow after trippin during the chase...errr!). He first denied his son's involvement, but, finally, after peeling away the lies admits his kid was wrong and says he will pay me. For ten days he has stalled and argued. He has told me three times he would pay only to have me call two days later to ask what the hold up is. I have spent hours on the phone arguing. I must make it clear to his guy that I mean business!

I know this is a long read and again apologies, but I am furious. Please let me note just a couple quick points:

I am very destitute right now. My wife's in med school and I'm in college as well. It's a crappy time, but it's reality. I am giving the landlord a story now. Meanwhile, the guy has the money and he's just trying to jew me down or get over.
My wife cried her eyes out that it's her fault.
I chased him and busted my ass in front of her.Very embarrassing.
There's more, but you get the idea. Here's what I have:

For both parents: Name, address, phone number, names of close family, sister's facebook,and some other trivial stuff like high school attended.........
I do believe in helping myself, but out of respect your expertise and a shortage of time, I ask you for advice on how to deal with this.

Thank you from a new Haydke fan.

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Re: To the true masters of the NewWorldOrder,,,,,
« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2010, 09:33:06 AM »
Dear Sean,

First and foremost, thank you for your good words. I am glad to see our line of work is appreciated. I understand that you are currently in great distress as a result of your predicament. I wish for the best of luck in your endeavor to recover your stolen property.

However, do not expect my assistance on this matter. I feel that I can not in good conscience help a person who I know is a leecher. I understand that you regret your unshared downloads, but I can not help but feel this atonement is simply your way of gaining back acceptance in your time of need. Although it may seem harsh, I take leeching as a rather serious offense. Without proper sharing, our great networks would be quite barren. If I we were to forgive these crimes with a simple apology, others would be encouraged to follow suit.

That said, I hope that you are able to resolve this situation. I also hope that in your future endeavors, you will show greater kindness with your file sharing habits.

"I bought a cactus and it died a week later... I was really depressed, I thought, 'Damn, I am less nurturing than a desert.'" -Demetri Martin

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Re: To the true masters of the NewWorldOrder,,,,,
« Reply #2 on: April 28, 2010, 03:01:14 PM »
Fair indeed, Godot.

I hope you understand, however, that I was not aware of what I was doing when I "leeched". I was late to arrive on the net( circa 2002 )

Unfortunately, the person who showed my how to file share was also ignorant. He showed me that setting uploads to 1 was the way to go because of speed and, this is funny, viruses. It was not until much later, two system restores later, that I realized that such actions actually warranted a viral attack. I assure you that my files are now open to all.

Ignorance of the law is no excuse, for sure, but, as you know, the Internet is a new phenomenon; a sudden and unplanned, dare I say, immaculate conception. There are no laws and no centralized control, that is the beauty. As I said, I was in my late twenties when I first entered the matrix. Unlike basic table manners and all of the other mores of society, I was never taught "internet etiquette". In other words, it was not done out of disrespect. Were the apostles not sinners before spreading the Gospel? (or something like that..)

With that said, I am saddened by your decision, as if spit on by a celebrity while asking for an autograph, but I do understand and I do appreciate you taking the time to explain why I've been spit on. I will forge on alone and hope that my unbridled vexation will lead me to fruition.

Thank you
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Re: To the true masters of the NewWorldOrder,,,,,
« Reply #3 on: April 29, 2010, 12:11:36 PM »
Well, Godot, as a newbie to this forum simply asking for assistance in executing a proper attack in the name of justice and compensation, I thank you solely for being part of this special organization. This group, PLA, as well as it's predecessors and relatives around the www have provided me with a wealth of resources, ideas and inspiration to execute what is surely my most effective counter-strike in my history; without working up a sweat and with  not so much as a broken nail.
I am proud to announce that just one day into my campaign, two-hours ago, I fielded a phone called from a gentleman who asked if I was responsible for putting his house up for sale, would I PLEASE take down the ad, uand can I give him the number of the bank account in which he will surrender funds. That man was of course my mark. Apparently the girl scouts, beauty schools and the rest have yet to engage him. I almost feel bad, but that's when I picture the s^%$%@g running away with my money!

Clearly, it was not your typical Hayduke revenge. It was served piping hot and many of the commandments were blatantly broken. This was more of a Mel Gibson revenge, no time to cool off, they've got his kid, or whatever, usually his kid; in my case, it was my overdue rent and my destitution. Still, the tactics employed were those of TAH, Hayduke, Anarchist CB...etc.    

I can not help but feel this atonement is simply your way of gaining back acceptance in your time of need.

Absolutely not. It's so much more

I take leeching as a rather serious offense. Without proper sharing, our great networks would be quite barren. If I we were to forgive these crimes with a simple apology, others would be encouraged to follow suit.

I understand and, yet....

Is it impossible to right my past wrongs? Am I condemned in CyberSpace despite the strength of my contrition? Will no measure of penance warrant my amnesty?

If this is so, I am disheartened to say the least. I've found my frontier, albeit late; I am here in the wild west of the binary code armed with a six shooter. On horseback, I've galloped into town and I'm being sneered at from every corner of the local tavern. Thing is, I'm not the Outlaw Josey Wales, or any other cliche "stranger in town" who blows through and rides off, see, I love it here, I'd like to stick around. I burn to find my niche in the new reality.

I am a newbie, I still feel I have the advantage over the moronic majority. Anyone over 30(not the elite group represented here,of course) didn't exactly grow up with the web, most are ignorant. Most use email, microsoft office, and facebook.period.
Even the "Internet babies" (20-under) rarely get past twittering and making themselves look like a cartoon. Again: "most of them". I see so much more than these silly social games; noyhing but glorified pagers that invite every sociopath with working fingers to thoroughly stalk you with an efficiency that would freak out Max Cady himself!

No, I see a new world where money no longer exists, only 1' and 0's. The proverbial suitcase full of cash is  reduced to a magnetic stripe which fits on your key chain. I can see Tony Montana crying.(Remember how they got him?)
I see a world where the smartest of us rule. No more simpletons who look good on Television, or politicians who get to the top through artful deception and hollow promises. Perhaps,the mindless bureaucrats,aristocrats,and hippocrates will still be propped up to BS the cattle, but, make no mistake, You are the ones who will rule!

The PLA, Avengers, hackers,whatever...The wicked, terrorizing anarchists w ho decided there was something to that C64 when the rest of us wallowed in archaic seas of Atari and Coleco Vision, who listened to that mime selling apple computers and sailed to the new land known as the internet. These dot com pioneers are this century's Knights of Templar soon to be the illuminati of the new millenium. The ones they love to vilify at the same time they beg for help. Those on the front page for fraudulent actions of the worst kind are also on the front line when it comes to defending them from their own monstrous creation; built out of greed.
There is no superpower on Earth that can stop this force majeure, this marvelous  
monstrosity. This is our Dr. Manhattan transcending even Nuclear attack.

I see it. I'm actually quite astonished at how the masses can be kept at bay with only the most rudimentary of rules and guidelines enforced mainly by threats and hyperbole. You CAN get busted, but more often than not it is fear that keeps the order. Petty crimes are free, with only the dumbest getting pinched( and I mean dumb) Social networking and gossips shepard the rest of the cattle. I think of the Zombies films where fireworks are set off in the sky to immobilize the curious, pea brained sloths. Classic! All the knowledge man has collected since the first historical recording of ancient civilizations is a click away, yet facebook remains King! Plato, rollover.

For the independent thinkers, who realize that our laws are devised by imbeciles and set into action in most cases either as a favor to a contributor or as a moronic, knee-jerk reaction to their own colossal failures. For us, there lies an array of victimless crimes waiting to be enjoyed.

And still my past forbids my acceptance in this new land?  Kindly reconsider, friend. Walter is dead, only Rorshack remains.

I find great rapture in the art of investigation with intent to demolish!

You are the keystone of this century; The new military and the new rebellion, the new police and the new criminal,. You are the heads of the syndicates and the directors of Central Intelligence and Federal Investigations.
The Yin and Yang. "They can't handle the Truth."
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