Author Topic: Long distance Beige boxing  (Read 3376 times)

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Long distance Beige boxing
« on: September 01, 2010, 09:42:40 PM »
The long distance beige box allows you to make free calls without trespassing or even leaving your own home.

What you`ll need:
Two walkie-talkies(with a light that stays on while you`re talking)
A phone you don`t mind losing
A tone dialer(a red box should work)
A small electromagnet
Two reed switches
A victim

First, connect the walkie-talkies speaker to the phone`s mic.
Then, connect the walkie-talkies mic to the phone`s speaker.
Next,replace the walkie-talkies light with the electromagnet
Then tape the reed switches to the electromagnet.
Wire up the first reed switch so that it activates the walkie-talkie
Then wire up the second reed switch so that it makes the phone appear off-hook when activated.
Finally, remove the phone`s case, ringer and keypad. Removing the case lets it fit on tight spaces. Removing the ringer keeps the phone from giving itself away. The keypad can be scavenged and used as a tone dialer.

Potential improvements:
-Adding a talk switch for the other walkie-talkie. This way you don`t have to hold or tape the button down.
-Adding a mute button/switch. This can be used for eavesdropping and that always comes in handy.
-Wiring in the handset may be more convenient for some

Simply connect the device to the victim`s line using roach clips or a modular plug

Turn on the talk switch(or tape the button down). You should hear a dial tone.
Then dial the number you want to call using a red box, tone dialer, or scavenged keypad(be sure to hold it up to the walkie-talkie`s mic or the handset`s mouthpiece. The call you just made will be billed and traced to your victim`s line.

Have fun! (at your victim`s expense)

if you injure yourself while making or installing this device, that`s your fault, so don`t blame me.