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Here is a list of where you can currently find PLA people.  This list was last updated in October 2011:

Tinychat: is PLA's Tinychat room.  We recently move from because the original admin on there disappeared. has this chatroom embedded into it.

Telephone Bridge: 253-397-1819 is TheN's personal bridge number that gets used by the PLA a lot lately.  There is currently no official bridge number because they all keep disappearing, so let's just steal TheN's and not tell him.  Keep in mind that although he's a nice guy, he's still probably able to grab your phone number infoz when you call, so you should take steps to block it if you care about that sort of thing.

IRC: We're on the efnet network, in rooms #phonelosers and #rock. has #phonelosers embedded into it if you're too stupid to figure out IRC clients.

Anything else I should add to this?  I set up a Stickam room at because I was really hating Tinychat's new tiny video windows last week, but nobody is ever in there.

Telephone Bridge: I am currently the only person in this conference...

After holding for an hour the room is still empty... much like my life...

That's because hanging out on the telephone seems silly when we can chat via text/audio/video on Skype and Tinychat.

TinyChat too was pretty dead. People were listed "in room" but no one was talking. I haven't ever used Skype before... do I need an account to conference, or is it only certain times everyone uses Skype and where/how to meet?

tinychat is usually pretty active during the show broadcasts (like the phone show on tuesday nights)


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