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I stumbled upon this group of prank callers. They have a decent sized community and I figured I would help advertise them. They encourage newcomers to join in on prank calls.  Feel free to check them out, they usually do prank calls starting at 11pm. Sorry if this isnt on the right board or is considered spam.

You can join them at
by downloading their chatroom they created.

Or check them out at youtube

Currently they're are trying to expand the chatroom with more features for when they do calls


i download gigs of chatrooms

I don't understand why PrankNet can't make a normal chat room on a normal service.  And broadcast on something that everyone uses, like Shoutcast or Stickam or even Tinychat.  If you  really want more listeners, all you have to do is broadcast on something that people actually use.  I know you guys have been kicked off of services before, but Tinychat rooms are simple to set up and you have a website where you could embed chatrooms and broadcasting rooms if they change.  You even have enough of a community that I bet you could get $10 - $15 in donations per month so you could set up your own Shoutcast station.

The new chat program PrankU is on now is owned and run by PrankU so when users buy a color name for $20 the money goes back into the program. We are hoping to get it big like PalTalk one day and have other non prank rooms.

Brad that's crazy talk.. I would love to use software that people like skream9/Dex have made. its so trust worthy and secure! Why don't you do this for the PLA Brad?!


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