Author Topic: Justin Bieber Twitter prank causes harassment  (Read 1890 times)

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Justin Bieber Twitter prank causes harassment
« on: March 28, 2012, 02:03:21 PM »

From the article - According to authorities, pop superstar Justin Bieber sent out a tweet earlier this month with the message, "Call me right now,"and a Dallas phone number that substituted a question mark for the last digit.  Excited young girls began calling, and weeks later they're still calling - leaving the frustrated citizens attached to the numbers seeking legal advice, and ultimately, compensation.

Last night on TPS' aftershow, someone found the tweet and we rang up the 10 phone numbers.  From what I remember, only 2 of them answered and they were both weird ladies.  I think it was "4" and "7" that we got the responses from.  One of them had a message on their machine saying "This is not Justin Bieber's phone!"  Here are the 10 numbers: