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Anybody want a termination block from the 80s?


Kaptain K. Rool:
I had  the phone company, Emabrq Florida, service the line a few months ago, and nerd that I am, I shadowed the phone guy the whole time. He did something at the DB terminal, and they removed the old termination block inside the PVC cylinder that was installed way back in the day by United Telecom of Florida, saying that it was obsolete. They were going to throw it away, and nerd that I am I asked if I could have it.  It has the date of manufacture on it and it was made in the 80s.

I imagine these things aren't the easiest things to get your paws on, so if anybody wants it let me know. Sorry I didn't think to get a picture of it, if anyone wants to see a pic I can take one when I get home.

fucking nerd

I'll take it (for free, that is). Could you send a picture to me? Email: mousepad@ghostplanet.tk


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