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How to Intercept phone calls

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So I was just looking for a few ways on how to intercept phone calls?

Step one: Find your victim.
Step two: Wait for victim to start talking on a cell phone.
Step three: Repeatedly bash victims head with a crowbar.
Step 4: Pick up the unsuspecting victims phone,  but wipe off the blood first, that's just gross.

If the steps above are followed, you should have complete control over the persons phoneline.

Does this technique work on Android as well as iPhone?

it works on everything except Iphones, the internal antenna on iphones are made of iridium, and you have to mod your pick up close range calls. Luckily, I know how to mod them and intercept.

Step one: Put the Iphone on a paper plate
Step two: Put the iphone in the microwave on 50% power for no more than 5 minutes.while on airplane mode. Any more  time can cause damage to the phone. the reason for putting the phone in the microwave is because the internal antenna is made of metal, and metal expands while heated, and the paper plate prevents the heat from warping the antenna but allows it to expand. Now that your phones antenna is expanded it will now pick up frequencies that unmodded iphones cannot.

Now for the interception
Step one: This is the most important part. You must download the paid version of Angry Birds Rio, if you do the free version, ads will Play during the phone call, and if it isnt Rio, it just makes the phone signal staticky for them.
Step two: Locate your target on a cell phone
Step Three: Using the yellow bird, aim as if you were trying to hit persons phone, and in midflight, use the speed power up. If done correctly, the screens on both phones swap, you being on their phone call, and them now playing angry birds rio.

For added fun, use an eagle instead of the yellow bird, it will fry every cell phone within 5 feet. Dont stand too close unless you want to buy a new phone!

Why are you guys so up-tight about telling people how to do things? It seems as if every time someone on the forums asks a question on how to do something, you guys reply with something stupid. Do you really think I am that stupid to fall for something like that?


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