Author Topic: looking for phone/phreaking related images to make posters out of  (Read 1310 times)

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hey all, i'm currently trying to cover every square inch of the walls in my room with posters, and after looking though every result for phreaking under google images (with size:large specified) I've come here for some help . All I have so far is a blown up PLA logo and an old handscan that looks really pretty because it has a lot of doodles on it. ideally the images would be larger but I'll take anything I can get. Thanks in advance!
and this is really a shot in the dark but the profile picture i had on my old username on binrev was fucking 1337, you can see it here, the guy's shirt reads "M.O.D." which i assume is a reference to the p/h group master's of deception. I lost the original image though, if by any chance anyone else has it that'd be sweet.

This is also posted on binrev which you can check out here
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