Author Topic: Need help as to what voice recorder I should buy just bought RS 43-22A  (Read 1817 times)

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I have no idea what voice recorder to buy, my mom is getting old & she don't know what she is doing (be nice, no BS!)

I have to record these calls she's making, I feel I can't leave the house anymore, she's making donations now and you know once you give you are on a list and every tom, dick & harry starts calling here and naturally I answer the phone to get rid of them.

I'm too old for all of this, my mum is 89

I appreciate some advice, I have a vox headset but that goes with two ways etc . Can I use any type of two way radio for this purpose? I doubt that.

Give me advise on the recorders, I don't want to buy the wrong thing, as mentioned I bought the radio shack 43-22A, my phone box for the telephone people is in the basement but it seems I can do this by just plugging this thing into the phone and the box can be hidden behind something.

Thanks in advance