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What's Happening on the Bridge Tonight [READ THIS ONE FIRST!]

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He's that thread I was talkin' 'bout.

The general idea goes like this:

Gonna be on the bridge tonight?  Want someone to talk to besides the voices in your head?  Post here.

Wanna know if anyone you like is gonna be on the bridge tonight?  How about someone you hate?  Come check this thread.

On the bridge right now, waiting for someone to show up and laugh at your XhardXcoreX pranks?  Post here.

Something cool happening on the bridge right now or later tonight that you think other people might want to hear? (For example, last week altalp convinced i-baLL to come on the bridge and field my questions about asterisk.  We could have posted about it here, so other people could have listened and asked questions too.)  Post here.

Other ideas:
Wanna give a lecture about something?  Wanna get some people in on some material for a podcast?  Wanna lead some kind of discussion group?  Anything else involving the bridge that you can come up with off the top of your head or out of your ass?  Post here.

I just thought we should use the bridge more, and I thought that if more people knew who or what to expect when they called then they might be more inclined to do so.  When CountyKid challenged GenRik_pHreaK to get on the Wal-Mart paging system, a bunch of people showed up cause they knew someone was going to be there and something was going on.  And even though CK didn't show up and GP couldn't really do it, it was fun and entertaining.  We should have that more often.

Tonight on the bridge: Country music.

Thursday on the bridge:  (20% more) unintelligible banter!


--- Quote from: frog on November 07, 2006, 06:16:25 PM ---Tonight on the bridge: Country music.

--- End quote ---

Kenny Rodgers at that.

This night on 753, Gangals and I talk about racism and stuff.


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