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Zimmer twins Cartoon editor
« on: July 13, 2006, 08:56:20 AM »
Ok guys here's the deal...

I was going around looking in my email and I got this spam from teletoon and it led me to this site that has  cartoons you can make from pre-made scenes.

It involves a toon that you can decide the outcome from it's "starters" and end the story. The fun part is the best stories will be aired this fall.

Now being a bit of a prankster, I decided to bring some humor into the fray and seriously have some fun.

Here's the one I made "FAN MAIL"

I thought it was amusing and I saw potential for the folks here to waste their time while they should be working/studying/paying attention to their kids/Make love to a person and not their hand/

So, I can so see an episode with the word "CACTUS" involved. Have fun guys, registration is easy, heck I was able to get two accounts accidently by just hitting the "back" button and changing the nick. Funny!!

Have fun folks!!

Bunny Droppings