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Wolverine Movie
« on: April 12, 2009, 05:18:30 AM »
Who's seen it and what do you think. Based on the workprint I think it'll do moderately well and is worth seeing. However the many non cannon things going on were a bit bothersome. Also there needed to be more deadpool. The whole thing seemed off with him his face wasn't messed up when he was talking trash so he's not crazy so wtf. Blob was done well and I liked's character. It initially gave me pause for thought when I saw him in the credits on IMDB. Gambit was handled well. Little bummed Mr. Sinister was dropped from the story but it might of convoluted things abit. Although if Wolverine is anything, it's convoluted. Can't wait til the hadjis pirate the real finished moive so I can check it out.