Author Topic: Shameless plugging of PLA.  (Read 1128 times)

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Shameless plugging of PLA.
« on: April 22, 2010, 04:35:06 AM »
So, after trolling the Super Moderator (Read as head of Mods but not quite Admin) and getting many of my friends to create accounts on the forums to fix the election I have actually won the chance to chose the next topic of a signature creation. (You can see she is forced to actually use my Signature picture)
So, for a little fun, you guys should now be getting Browser-based nerds coming around to see what the site is about. If any of you want to troll this any further, go for it.
I'm banned for the next 10 days for making fun of someone's dad, so I may not be able to vote for any of you.