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  This is completly unrelated to PLA, but oh well. Its the only TRUE story I could think of thats sorta intresting. Its a little weird, though...
OKay, so last summer I went to New Hampshire with my mom, stepdad, sister, and brother. Then my grandma, and two friends from Louisiana flew up here and came with us. We went to this camp place.
 My stepdad and one friend went fishing, and my other friend and I took a walk because we didn't know what else to do. When we were walking, I found a piece of foam. I wanted to keep it and make something with it (I dunno why) so I did.
 When we got back I decided to name the junk, just for fun. Its name is Fredryk. So, uh, Fredryk became my son and yeah. One friend became Uncle ______  and the other Aunt _____ (we aren't really related.). It was July 5, the day after... July 4 (duh). So we had a "party" for Fredryk that night.
 But... my stepdad wouldn't let me keep Fredryk!!!  :o He threatened to throw him away and told us to have a funeral for him. Of course we didn't. We locked Fredryk up in Aunt ______'s suitcase every time we had to leave Fredryk and took the key w/ us. We pretended we had a funeral for Fredryk before we left.
 Now Fredryk is in Louisiana, with his Uncle _______ (Uncle ______ taught Fredryk how to fly... maybe that wasn't a great idea. Oh well Fredryk is a piece of foam.).
 So... the end. Yeah it is kinda stupid.

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Re: Fredryk
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Why don't you copy that post into the "Hey, Stories!" board, and then delete this one
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