Author Topic: The Snow Plow Show Episode 624 - Deliveries and Musical Pipes  (Read 877 times)

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Today’s extremely short show has a few delivery truck mishaps and some experimentation on neighborhood pipes. The shortness of today’s pranks can be blamed on Earnie M, Vernon S, Simspeak, SixWeekTenure, and Travis B, who are the sponsors of today’s show.

That opening prank is me and Staci

Pay phone show art is by Shaun The Sheep

Opening intro song by Joe DiVita

San Jose PCN meetup in less than a month

I was on Dwight’s show last night

Call into PLA’s TNI machine at 505-608-6123

Background music during the opening prank is by Apollo and Quickfireyt, background music during the pranks is Emo Swag by Emergency Pizza Party, background music during the voicemails is Strong In The Real Way by Arcade Unicorn, the ending song is Bad Guy by Ruphrect da Monkey Boy.

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