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« on: December 30, 2006, 07:57:05 PM »
So I have the unfortunate privilege to work at a Harris Teeter (supermarket in the southeastern region).  A large red box has suddenly appeared in the store near the checkout stands.  Like cavemen, all wondered and gawk at it, hitting it with random items and running away seeing if it will do anything.  Once we found it meant us no harm, some started renting DVDs from it.  Others found out their credit cards were declined. It is called the Redbox DVD rental system owned by freaking McDonalds.

Since 99% of everyone in my store is technologically challenged, they have no idea what kind of things they just leave for me to discover.  I'm the guy who looks for the phone cord where the Coinstar is, and I'm the guy who tries to guess the password into the store's router whenever I get the chance to telnet into it from the manager's computer when he lets me use it to request time off.

Well, I noticed that this just has an antenna on it.  No other connections in the back except for the power cord.  This antenna is pretty small, and seems like it goes to something that would be in the store rather than outside of it.  But, then again, cell phone antennas are very small and pick up frequencies miles away.  I'm wondering if anyone has any info on these.  I wanna see if I can find out what frequency it might be sending all its data through.  What do you think?

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Re: Redbox
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You kind of awnsterd you own question.

Experiment!  ;D